Southern Junction Clogging Company offers Recreational Clogging Classes and Competition Teams in Greenville for dancers ages 5 to Adult.


Southern Junction Clogging Company


Dance Division - Clogging, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Open

Clogging Division - Contemporary, Traditional, Show, Acapella, Short Duo/Duets

**Clogging Division - Standard Rules for Clogging Duo/Duets Apply

Dance Division - Choreographed/Dance Scoring Applies

Please note - Dancers may not compete "against themselves". Example, it is not allowed to compete multiple Clogging Entries (1 or more same dancers) in the same Age Division. 

Placement- Placements will be awarded in each Age Division and Competition Division. High Scores will be recognized in each Category and Overalls will be awarded as follows:

1 - Overall Clogging Duo/Duet

1 - Overall Dance Duo/Trio

1 - Overall Acapella Duo/Duet

1 - Overall Short Duo/Duet