Southern Junction Clogging Company offers Recreational Clogging Classes and Competition Teams in Greenville for dancers ages 5 to Adult.


Southern Junction Clogging Company


Categories (Playlist linked by category) - Clogging, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary 

Guidelines - Dancer will perform approximately 25-30 seconds to randomly selected music from event playlist (in respective Category). Playlists will be released no later than 3 weeks prior to the event, March 19th, 2022.

Scoring - Dancers will be scored based on Performance Quality, Originality, Musicality, Execution and Overall Impression. Please note, Improvs performances that are performed in the incorrect (i.e. Clogging in Tap) category will be ineligible for placement or overall awards.

Entry Fee - $12 per dancer per Category in Advance. $15 per dancer per Category at the door.

Placement- 1st Place Winners will be awarded in each Age Division. All 1st Place Winners will compete for the Overall (Category) Improv Title. Example, Overall Clogging Improv, Overall Tap, etc.

Age Divisions - Age divisions are 9 and under, 10 - 15, and 16 & Up. These age divisions may be modified as required by number of entrants.

Overall - All Category Winners (Clogging, Jazz, Contemporary, etc.) will be invited to compete for Overall Improv BATTLE CHAMPION. *Dancers winning 2 or more categories must select 1 category to compete in the IMPROV Battle.