Southern Junction Clogging Company

The Southern Junction clogging team, under the leadership of Gwen Stamp, came to life in 1995 in South Carolina’s upstate. Over the years, they’ve become a prominent figure in the clogging community, showcasing their talent at various events nationwide.

Their journey took them to notable venues and events, including the Junior Olympics, Michelin 100 Years Celebration, and Walt Disney World Performing Arts. Each performance was an opportunity to share their love for clogging with a wider audience.

In 2022, after years of competitive performances and achieving many National and World Championship titles, the Southern Junction Cloggers retired. The bonds formed over the years turned teammates into family, a connection that outlasts their competitive days.

As one chapter closed, another opened with the arrival of the Carolina Trailblazers in the same year. This young team from the upstate area is already showing a deep and passionate connection to clogging.

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Southern Junction Cloggers in Greenville

Southern Junction Clogging Company offers Recreational Clogging Classes and Competition Teams in Greenville for dancers ages 5 to Adult.